Creating a Cohesive Home: Using a Color Palette throughout Your Home

My husband, Justin, fairly regularly rolls his eyes at me (with love) whenever I bring something new into the home. Not because of the cost or that we don’t really “need” anything new, but because there’s a 99% chance that it’s in my go-to color palette.

When new friends come into my home, I often hear how “put together” it feels. That’s not because everything was bought at the same store. My decor isn’t even all the same style! I shoot for an eclectic mix of rustic, bohemian, shabby, and modern. Are you ready for my decorating secret?

To create a cohesive home, I stick with the same 5-6 colors for most pieces. This allows me to mix styles, patterns, and textures to create a style that’s all my own. It brings together disjointed items and makes them look like they belong together.

Here are my go to colors. You’ll probably recognize these colors from my shop. Shocker! There’s a lot of overlap since the shop is curated from items that I love.

Favorite Home Decor Color Palette

Do you have any go-to colors? What are they?

About Lauren Thorp

Having "retired" from the world of face-paced tech startups, Lauren instead sought to exercise her creativity by opening a home and gift boutique. When she and her family bought a home in Shaw last year, she was ecstatic that it came with a retail space on the side of the property that used to be a candy shop over 100 years ago. She and her family are slowly renovating it into their dream shop filled with a rustic bohemian mix of vintage home decor and handcrafted gift items.

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