Lauren’s Home Tour: Second & Third Floor

Thank you for all of your enthusiasm for Part 1 of my home tour that I posted last week. If you didn’t catch the first part, you can read it here.

As promised, here is part 2 of my home including our 2nd and 3rd floor. In case you were wondering, yes, it does feel a little pompous to call out the fact that we have a third floor. However, that was just how homes were built in our neighborhood 120+ years ago. The plots of land were smaller (I believe that home prices were based on the width of the plot), so buildings tended to be tall and skinny, as is the case with ours.

We’ll start with the stairs leading up to the 2nd floor, because I just can’t resist that woodwork. I’m thankful that it managed to fend off a paintbrush for so many generations. The window on the left used to be a stained glass window, but sometime in the 80s or 90s it was replaced. I know this because I have completely stalked every reference of our address on and found a real estate listing from 1983 that mentions a stained glass window.

Vintage Eclectic Historic Home

The portrait at the top of the stairs is of my husband’s great uncle, Paul VandenBerg who was a WW2 pilot who saved his and his fellow soldiers’ lives by hanging his parachute out his bomber’s window which allowed him to land safely. That parachute was sewn into a baptismal gown that 44 or so of Justin’s family members have been baptized in. Here’s the story on my father-in-law’s blog.

At the top of the stairs, we have 3 bedrooms including our master suite and a hall bathroom. We also have a 2nd floor laundry area which I’m so thankful to have so I don’t have to trek up and down all of our stairs for clean clothes every day.

We just had our master bedroom painted a deep navy, which I adore. This is the first time in our marriage that our room finally feels “put together”. It always seemed to be the lowest priority.

Our master bathroom has a walk in shower. My next project will be to paint this bathroom (i.e. hire someone to paint it), but it leads into our walk-in closet, so it won’t be a quick task.

My four-year-old son’s room is next. His room is a collection of vintage pieces and his artwork from pre-school. His bed is part of a set of twin beds that were my grandmother’s (so his great-grandmother’s) that I also used when I was a little girl. The green chair was my grandparents’ from probably the 70s.

The duck print above his bed is a vintage textile pattern for a stuffed duck that has been framed. I found it at Indigo Rustic‘s booth at Treasure Aisle Antique Mall

I have a love affair with the wallpaper in my two-year-old daughter’s room. It’s the Watercolor Flora Wallpaper from Anthropologie. We moved to this home when she was 6-months-old, and this wallpaper was actually in her first nursery. I decided that she I loved it so much that we would also have it installed in her new room.

Last is the third floor. It’s quite roomy and is actually a second master suite, which is perfect when we have guests (and when we rent out our home on airbnb). When we moved in, there wasn’t a door leading up to the third floor, which was problematic since my husband works from home and his office is also on the 3rd floor. We could all hear each other all day long, and it just wasn’t working.

I found this old farmhouse door with lovely original hardware on Facebook Marketplace and drove an hour each way with my kiddos in tow to pick it up. It adds a lovely touch of character to this space. That floral painting was an alley find. Seriously.

Our third floor is bright and airy and feels a bit like a tree house. I have big plans to make over this room, but I think it’s still lovely as-is.

And there you have it! We also have a finished basement that is used as a playroom, but it’s not quite ready for it’s grand reveal yet! Just picture a bunch of unorganized toys and an Ikea couch!

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Having "retired" from the world of fast-paced tech startups, Lauren instead sought to exercise her creativity by opening a home and gift boutique. When she and her family bought a home in the Historic Shaw Neighborhood in South St. Louis City in 2016, she was ecstatic that it came with a retail space on the side of the property that used to be a candy shop over 100 years ago. She is renovating it into dream shop filled with a rustic bohemian mix of vintage home decor, gift items for the family, and launching in early 2019, a selection of women's clothing. For more information on her clothing, join her Facebook Group at