Old Whaling Company – Seaweed + Sea Salt Bath Bomb


Seaweed + Sea Salt is a beachy fragrance complete with warm sand, sea spray, salt, jasmine and mandarin. Our bath bomb is made with sea clay, which is detoxifying + revitalizing.  Like taking a mini mud bath! Made with epsom salt + oils for an ultra soothing soak

8oz, dye free.

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– baking soda
– citric acid
– epsom salts
– olive oil
– soybean oil
– fragrance

**bath bombs will make tub slippery so be careful when using. They will not stain the tub, however you will need to wipe tub clean after use. Be careful not to place bath bomb on anything cloth (towel, clothing, etc) after it’s wet as it could stain**

Designed for single use.